Mαybe α Big Love... lll

You made me the happiest woman in the world!

Magical moments and unexplained ...

Our love was perfect, but time ... No, time does not.

With time, everything changed .. You've changed, and I could not follow you.

When I realized there was nothing he could do, I despaired.

Too late, since there was already a great distance between us ...

I thought a lot, nothing has been decided on impulse ... Had to be.

Do not know if I was entirely correct, but this was certainly the best solution.

If we continued we would only hurt .. further. For this to happen was not a farewell, an end.


Mαybe α Big Love... ll

I wanted to stay forever by your side. Immortalize this moment.

We become adults...  And everything changed. We pass by many crises. It was very hard.

But it soon passed. Our love surpassed all. Almost everything.

We were very happy. For a long time.

Yes, everything was perfect. You were perfect... But time, it does not.

 The every day I loved him more.

You made me happy. Very happy.

The big day has arrived. The happiest day of my life. Your request. My YES.

Our love was in a hurry. So we married fast.


Mαybe α Big Love...

 I met you there many years, still we were children.

But, I have to confess... You were a boy very attractive.

You were always a gentleman, very kind, educated ...  One love.. My love.

Yes, I was already passionate for you. A child in love.

Longed to see you every moment, needed  to be with you. This was our first kiss. The first of many.

Time passed, but our love continued, steady and strong. But out our meetings were secret, nobody knew.    

Just you and me. Two teenagers in love.

Continues ...

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